WrecktSoulz Staff App


New member
What is your Minecraft username? :

My current Minecraft username is WrecktSoulz, but my nickname ingame is GengarSoulz.

What is your Age? (Must be 13+)? :

I am currently 19 years old. 🙂

What is your Discord username and #? :

My discord tag is WrecktSoulz#8479, but my no name in the discord server is also GengarSoulz(#BlameGreed)

What Timezone do you reside in? :

I currently reside in eastern standard time. However I do have a messed up sleep schedule so I am on at all different times of the day.

How many hours do you believe can you dedicate to the community weekly? :

The time I am able to dedicate to the server is really dependent on the time I have available in real life. I am currently a college student and have to balance my school work with gaming, but typically speaking I all ways have Pixelmon pulled up.

Do you have any previous experience? :

I do have previous experience as a helper, mod, owner, and mainly as a builder.

Are you familiar with our server rules? :

I am familiar with the server rules, most of them being common sense and human decency.

What sets you apart in our community? :

What I believe sets me apart the most from the community is my vast range of skill sets. I was originally a Computer science major and took classes that helped to bolster my skill set such as networking and multiple coding classes, particularly python and web based languages like html but also some Java experience as well(can edit .Json files and also know how to create custom pixelmon typings). From having staffed on so many servers over the years I would say I’ve learnt a decent amount of the commands that are commonly used while resolving issues. I am also greatly skilled with number building plugins and could help host events that require the use of WE.

Is there anything else you would like to add? :

Not that I can think of but would be more then willing to answer any questions.