Tx_WRW45 Gym leader app


New member
What is your In-Game Name? Tx_WRW45
What is your Age? 21
What is your Discord name? wilson
What is your Timezone? central standard
How many hours a week can you play? depending but typically 3-4 a day and weekends i play a lot, cant give a specific number
What experience do you have with being Staff or with Pixelmon? i was a gym leader on my first pixelmon server i ever played on and was moved to hard mode gyms after a week, the server was pocket pixels and at the time was logging close to 40 people at any specific time. I then was a sr mod on pixelmania.
Do you know all the rules of the server? yes
Have you played Pokémon Showdown? all the time
Why do you think you should be considered for this position? I believe I should be considered for this because on every server I've been on I've been a very competitive battler, on pixel fam where i met my current group of friends I played for a week and participated in the tournament and placed second solidifying myself as a worthy opponent on the server so mush so every tournament after that I placed in top 3, on pixelmania I won the most tournaments only loosing one if I'm not mistaken. i spend most of my time wanting to build mons and battle people, I love to battle with everything I have in me.
Is there anything else we need to know? I mean I'm an open book if there's anything you wanna know ask, but nothing comes to mind.