Staff Application


New member
What is your Minecraft username? : DarkSanity96
What is your Age? (Must be 13+)? : 26
What is your Discord username and #? : DarkSanity#2905
What Timezone do you reside in? : Eastern
How many hours do you believe can you dedicate to the community weekly? : 4 + hours
Do you have any previous experience? : Yes, mod for pixelwaves and also previous servers. Yes
Are you familiar with our server rules? : Not yet, will be joining the server this week (just figured I'd get this out there now)
What sets you apart in our community? : I love to help people, I have knowledge with Pixelmon and genuinely do my utmost to keep things peaceful.
Is there anything else you would like to add? : New is my favorite pokemon, long history behind it, but feel free to ask me anytime and I'll tell ya!
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