ROD Staff App


New member
What is your Minecraft username? : MrRod15
What is your Age? (Must be 13+)? : 25
What is your Discord username and #? : Rod #2059
What Timezone do you reside in? : Central
How many hours do you believe can you dedicate to the community weekly? : depends on my days off, but 7-15 hours minimum
Do you have any previous experience? : I have been pixelmon server staff on numerous other servers.
Are you familiar with our server rules? : yes
What sets you apart in our community? : My extensive server staff history and willingness to do work whenever asked. a working familiarity of pixelmon permissions/basic server console work and a familiarity with server configs.
Is there anything else you would like to add? :
Server History oldest to most recent:
Pixel 3 Chat Mod
Pixel 3 Mod
Pixel 3 Jr Admin
Pixel 3 Sr. Admin
Spark 1: Sr. Admin
Simply Pixel (Current, but Defunct)
Server Manager