LunaMalluna - Gym Leader Application


New member
LunaMalluna - Gym Leader Application
What is your In-Game Name?

What is your Age? (Must be 13+)

What is your Discord name?

What is your Timezone?
Eastern Standard Time

How many hours a week can you play?
7 hours a week

What experience do you have with being Staff or with Pixelmon?
I have been playing pixelmon since early summer of 2021
I have previously been a gym leader for PixelGenesis

Do you know all the rules of the server?

Have you played Pokemon Showdown?

Why do you think you should be considered for this position?
I love pokemon battles and the strategy behind them. I am friendly, charismatic and helpful.

Is there anything else we need to know?
I was a gym leader during the summer of 2021 however school began and took a Hiatus.
I now have more time to spare and am ready to commit once again and this time I will be more communicative about my hiatuses if I take any at all.