Junno12 Gymleader App


New member
What is your In-Game Name?
What is your Age? (Must be 13+)
What is your Discord name?
What is your Timezone?
How many hours a week can you play?
5+ depends most nights, but I should be able to put a lot of hours in on the weekends. then scattered throughout the week
What experience do you have with being Staff or with Pixelmon?
I used to be a helper back in the old server, and I have a lot of experience with pixelmon.
Do you know all the rules of the server?
Have you played Pokemon Showdown?
yes, not too much but I have it downloaded and have experimented a bit with it.
Why do you think you should be considered for this position?
I think I have a good amount of experience to be able to do all the things a helper should be able to do, as well as decent battle knowledge. plus, I have been a part of this server since the beginning, and really enjoy the players and how its run.
Is there anything else we need to know?
I love to battle, so I figured becoming a gymleader was a pretty good idea, and I'd like to be either fire or dragon gym (or both idk)