Helper Application


New member
What is your In-Game Name? EliWebby
What is your Age? (Must be 13+) 19
What is your Discord name? EliWebby#0794
What is your Timezone? EST
How many hours a week can you play? Don't really know but I'm on very consistently. Have an average of like12hrs a day rn.
What experience do you have with being Staff or with Pixelmon? Don't have too much experience but I am very helpful and respectful. I know a lot about pokemon.
Do you know all the rules of the server? Yeah, maybe not the nooks and crannies of every rule but I respect all of the rules.
Why do you think you should be considered for this position? I'm interested in being a helper because I just like to help people and I really like the community in the server and just want to be of some use. Also I like to interact with everybody in chat. Always trying my best to answer peoples questions and I always help people out when I can.
Is there anything else we need to know? I'll be re-applying at a later date if I'm denied because I'm pretty interested in being a helper.