Gym Leader Application


New member
What is your In-Game Name? FreezyAstroz
What is your Age? (Must be 13+) 21
What is your Discord name? robert.s
What is your Timezone? EST
How many hours a week can you play? 60+
What experience do you have with being Staff or with Pixelmon? I've been playing Pixelmon for more then half of my life and been playing pokemon in general since it first started.
Do you know all the rules of the server? Yes.
Have you played Pokemon Showdown? Yes.
Why do you think you should be considered for this position? I have real life experience of working with people and communicating in a workplace and being fair, respectful and responsible while also being entertaining/fun
Is there anything else we need to know? Nope thank you for reading my application and giving me some of your time